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Tramadol Online Rx, Online Tramadol Cod Overnight


Out of stock

Tramadol Online Rx, Online Tramadol Cod Overnight

New 2020  CRFN 125cc Big Wheel Pit Bike

Call Martin Anytime 07709266355 / 01612259916


Spoke covers available for extra £10.00

Delivery is £55 Nationwide

We accept card payment over the phone!

When Buying I Will Need Your  Contact Number for the Courier Before I Can Dispatch

Collection available 5 days a week!!


Features Include…

125cc 4 Stroke Lifan Engine

4 Speed Manual With Clutch

Kick Start

Adult Size 35″ Seat Height

Adjustable Gas Rear Shocker

Thick Heavy Duty Anodised Forks

Alloy Yolks

14″ Rear Wheel 17″ Front with knobbly Tyres

Hydraulic Wavy Disc Brakes Front and Rear

Braided Hoses

K&N Air Filter

Straight Through Exhaust

These Bikes Must Be Seen

(Really Strong Frame)


Dirt Bike

Instruction manual in English

Tool kit – basic


Some assembly is required including installation of the handlebars, front wheel, rear suspension, chainguard, foot rests, front cover and mudguard. As part of the assembly and commissioning process, buyers should expect to have to check and adjust brakes, chain tension and other elements of the bike.


This dirt bike is for recreational use and should not be used on public highways. Dirt bikes are not legal on public roads and can only be used on private land with the permission of the land owner. This product is not a child’s toy and falls outside of BS7407:1991 as it is not intended for use by children, due to its design and speed, and is for off-road use only. Also the build quality and performance means it is not covered by the Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 or BS EN71. All powered vehicles are potentially dangerous and their use could involve the risk of injury or death and they must be used in a responsible manner. All nuts and bolts, tyre pressures and steering should be checked by a competent adult before every use. Accident damage should be attended to immediately and damaged parts replaced. Helmets and suitable protective safety equipment should be used at all times.


100’s of Different Bikes and Quads

Check Out My Other Items!!

1000’s of Parts

Tel 01612259916 or 07709266355

Call Anytime


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